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Lehigh Valley Zombies

Lehigh Valley Zombies

Halloween is almost here and our Lehigh Square Blog is highlighting two frightening and adrenaline pumping experiences available at Lehigh Valley Zombies in Orefield, PA to help you get into the spirit of Halloween. Just a 13 minute drive from your apartment in Allentown, PA, Lehigh Valley Zombies is one of the top haunted house attractions in the Lehigh Valley area.


Thrill Ride Zombie Paintball

Experience an interactive thrill ride on a heavy duty military truck armed with 24 semi-automatic zombie assault rifles (paintball guns) as your driver navigates you through a 50 acre course overrun with the undead. The course includes infected military camps, construction zones, a toxic waste dump, towns overrun with zombies, and top secret areas not known by the public. Use your assault rifles (paintball guns) to shoot all the infected zombies and help to put an end to the zombie invasion!


The Darkside

Take a terrifying journey through Hillbilly Hell, the Slaughter Barn, and the Dead End Corn Maze in this blood chilling, haunted attraction. Hillbilly Hell will take you into the backwoods home of Aunt Lulu and her two demented half breed children who aren’t very fond of strangers. If you survive Hillbilly Hell, you will continue your journey through the Slaughter Barn which includes the Butcher’s house, an open burial pit, a whiskey still, and a work station. If you make it through the Slaughter Barn alive, you will continue on to the Dead End Corn Maze where the horrors and surprises only get worse. Find your way out of the haunted maze or fall into the blood stained hands of Chester the Butcher.


Visit the Lehigh Valley Zombies website for more information regarding hours, ticket prices, and available discounts to help you plan your trip. Leave us a comment sharing your experience at Lehigh Valley Zombies. Thanks for reading our post and have a spooktacular Halloween!